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Spring Cleaning Services Cape Town

An Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service In Cape Town South Africa.

Stop Coming Home to a Second Job. We’ll Do the Cleaning for You!

At KleanCo we understand how tired you will be after your normal day to day work. We offer spring cleaning services to Cape Town with our trained and trusted cleaners and general cleaners in Cape Town.

We are equipped to make any place shine!

Our KleanCo spring cleaning service is not afraid of any Cape Town competition, as we’re simply the best!

We’re ready to clean up your home, office, house or a warehouse with an astounding and acute precision. We’ll leave your premises sparkling clean and smelling nice and fresh.

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Spring Cleaning Service

Spring cleaning is a deep overall cleaning up the house on like a regular cleaning which is a good cleaning but doesn’t touch on everything in the household.

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Washing Of Hard Floors

One of the most important aspects of cleaning tile floor is making sure dirt and spills do not have a chance to get comfortable.

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Apartment Cleaning Service

It is similar to housecleaning services however apartments are typically smaller and usually contain more items that need to be cleaned around.