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Get Rid of the Mess With Our Post Construction cleaning services Cape Town

Post-construction properties are unlivable due to the mess that are left behind. You may be standing in a beautiful, newly constructed home, but there is still one thing left to do before you can move in – construction cleaning.

If you are not aware, the specific requirements for an after builders clean are best taken cared of by a team of fully capable, fully insured and experienced cleaning professionals. It is no walk in the park and involves the use of industrial equipment and special products to assist with the removing of fine debris that typically finds its way to every inch of a newly built house. With years of experience within the Post Construction cleaning services Cape Town, the professional cleaners at KleanCo cleaning Company, go beyond mere surface cleaning to ensure that you are moving into a truly clean and livable home with top to bottom construction cleaning services in Cape Town.

Kitchen ↗

Wipe down appliances

Sweep under papliances

Wipe down kitchen cabinetry and remove paint and excess dust

Thorough vacuum and mop of all floor areas

Removal of all builders dust from windowsills and window tracks

Dust tops of kitchen shelves and kitchen cabinentry 

Clean inside kitchen cabinentry 

Thorough washing of walls and removal of builders dust from all surfaces

Removal of drop cloths, trash, tape, nails, and screws within the kitchen

Thorough oven cleaning where necessary

Living Room ↗

Mop and vacuum all floors

Removal of rubbish, drop cloths, builders tape, nails and screws

Wiping down of all relevant appliances

Thorough wash of all walls

Remove dust from, window sills and tracks

Dust and polishing of all surfaces

Dusting of all cabinetry

Bathroom (s)↗

Dust the ceiling

Scrub wall tiles

Clean window + window sill

Removal of fine dust from throughout the bathroom

Scrub inside the sink, underneath it, and the faucet 

Clean the vanity area (cabinets, shelves, counter, etc)

Wipe down all fittings and fixtures

Clean the floor

Removal of rubbish, drop cloths, builders tape, nails and screws

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