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Disinfection deep cleaning Tygervalley

Disinfection deep cleaning Tygervalley, covid related cleaning services with fogging that includes microbial cleaning and fogging services. Fogging and Disinfecting deep cleaning can also reduce the risk of infection with high technical fogging services that reaches high and unreachable places with fog or also known as mist dry spraying around the room that kills fungus and bacteria.

Protect your Customers/Staff by Preventing Viral transmission with Decontamination Fogging. Retirement Homes, Domestic Homes, Offices, Retail Centres, Clinics, Busses and Trains. Pest Prevention. Pest Eradication. Pest Control with the trusted Cape Town’s cleaning Gurus and in business for long. If it’s not KleanCo Cleaning, we haven’t touched your premises!

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Specialized disinfectant fogging services

KleanCo provide an effective disinfectant service. Our product is safe for humans and animals. Book a disinfectant fogging for your home, office, warehouse and more! Affordable. Fast. Effective. Safe. Types: Home Fogging, Warehouse Fogging.

What method do we use for fogging in Tygervalley?


We use Anti-Microbial Treatment is applied using a micron diffuser or “misting” which produces dry mist “aerosol” effect, that permeates the entire facility and covers every cubic centimetre of exposed surface area. The diffuser generates the mist up to 20 metres.


As a form of germicidal shock treatment, it bonds to walls, partitions, countertops, ceiling, tiles, doorknobs, light switches, etc, – killing bacteria that causes illness and odours.

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